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Beaufort Street Lights

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Beaufort Street Lights

Public art installations are a way to reinterpret local themes and present them in a unique way. The lighting installation on the corner of Beaufort Street is one such example that also incorporates practical features to surpass the design brief.

Beaufort Street is one of Perth’s busiest and most vibrant strips, lined with boutiques, bars, restaurants and retail stores of all kinds. Many of Perth’s best florists are found along the street and so .reSPOKE took this as an inspiration for the shape the sculpture should take. The City of Vincent holds progressive and sustainable values and this further influenced the piece. By utilising recycled bicycle components the demand on natural resources is reduced, and cycling has long been identified as a powerful avenue for environmental, social and even economic outcomes.

The heritage of the area is seen in the many traditional buildings and laneways, but over time these can become neglected and be perceived as unsafe or unsightly. The lighting fixture in the sculpture alleviates this, bringing locally relevant art and beauty to illuminate an otherwise forgotten or stigmatised area. Fabricated and installed with the long-term in mind, this feature will keep relating to Beaufort Street.