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Bicton Bike Racks

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Bicton Bike Racks

.reSPOKE regularly seeks to introduce layers of meaning and function to each design, and the bike racks in Bicton is one such example. The design is practical, allowing multiple bikes to be secured safely. Further, it is inspired by the settled history of Bicton, first developed by white colonists during a period when ‘penny farthing’ bicycles were popular. So laser cut silhouettes of these traditional bicycles were sunk in smooth concrete and an anonymously written poem was cut from aluminium and laid on top…

Every bike is special⠀
Specially the bike you ride⠀
Which isn’t specialised for one thing or another⠀
It should take you there with no fan fare⠀
You ride, there is no hiding that fact⠀
Pedals, wheel and seat⠀
Common, let’s go down the street

By incorporating artistic, cultural and crafted elements, something that is often overlooked as part of a bland urban landscape can become a highly relevant symbol that is rooted in place while still offering the same practical functions.