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Bill’s Bar And Bites

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Bill’s Bar And Bites

Bill’s Bar and Bites is nestled in an iconic building in an established part of Leederville. .reSPOKE was commissioned to introduce some contemporary public art to enliven the facade without compromising the heritage of the site.

A subtle sculpture of piping was finished with art deco style end caps to compliment the building. The blue of the original floral tiles inspired the colour scheme, allowing the sculpture to add to the history of the building as well as its form. To illuminate the footpath and alfresco areas, creative lighting was installed. The fittings too have an art deco inspiration while remaining thoroughly modern, and lead the eye and customers towards the venue’s entrances.

This installation shows how contemporary elements can suit an older building through a researched and sympathetic design. It also permits the art to serve multiple functions through the use of practical lighting and drawing of sight lines to other features.