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City of Freo Donation Boxes

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City of Freo Donation Boxes

Commissioned by the City of Fremantle, these public donation boxes were designed to be bright and eye-catching. As part of an initiative to reduce antisocial behaviour and help those in need, the boxes invite one to make a donation to the St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre. This initiative came about after concerns that professional beggars were discouraging residents and tourists from helping those who truly needed it. The campaign therefore encourages those in hard times to engage with these support services, allowing them to get structured help while improving the perceptions of Fremantle’s streets.

This initiative aims to aid the lives of those struggling, to help keep them afloat when the going gets tough. So inspiration for the design was taken from lifebuoys, used to give support and create a lifeline to people struggling in water. Theft-proof measures, such as high-grade steel and quality locking mechanisms, were incorporated to suit the use of the boxes. The colours were matched with those of the Donate Without Doubt campaign to create consistency and familiarity.

The donation boxes have, as of July 2018, raised over $16 000. Click here to find out more about Donate Without Doubt.