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Leederville Lighting & Seating

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Leederville Lighting & Seating

The City of Vincent is always looking to improve the urban realm and create places that continue to better serve the community. The revitalisation of laneways has become a popular and effective method of achieving this and so a lane in Leederville was targeted. The site is an essential thoroughfare of the area and connects with the busy Oxford Street strip. These places are often neglected and can come to represent the worst parts of city living, such as unsafe environments, loss of vegetation and urban blight and decay.

To address these issues, .reSPOKE designed an innovative lighting scenario. Heavy bases were repurposed from concrete sump wells and topped with a timber disc to create casual seating that could resist the wear and tear of a busy city. These podiums supported tall steel struts from which festoon lighting could be hung. The lights spanned the lane to similar struts, but these were held in place by Intermediate Bulk Containers which have been reimagined into self-contained planter boxes that are capable of supporting trees.

Through a simple intervention, .reSPOKE managed to reverse the ills associated with such a place.  By introducing seating people are invited to treat the space differently, seeing it as somewhere to be enjoyed and remain within instead of only moving through it as quickly as possible. Lighting not only adds to this new warm and welcoming ambiance but also improves the visibility and safety of the area. Green spaces have been shown to improve mental and physical wellbeing, and the planter boxes here introduce valuable biodiversity . Many of the materials used were repurposed or reimagined, further adding to the sustainability and creativity of the project to produce a multi-layered success in the heart of Leederville.