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Low Key Chow House

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Low Key Chow House

Low Key Chow House was looking for a design approach to tie their modern Asian menu into the heart of Leederville. Oxford Street is a popular place to sit out and enjoy a meal or cocktail and LKCH wanted to add to the vibrancy of the strip with custom tables.

Sturdy outdoor settings are usually however, heavy and cumbersome. .reSPOKE’s solution was to create tables that could fold down into a slim profile to easily fit through doors and store against a wall. Wheels allow these pieces, made from high grade steel, to be moved by one person. The panels, similar to the carefree ease of paper planes, are laser cut with patterns to create something special amidst generic, off-the-shelf alfresco options. A taper is also a feature of the tabletop, minimising the cramping that is common in a bustling restaurant, while a barrier saves beers and plates from being lost to the street.

A piece of feature lighting was also needed and so .reSPOKE set about maintaining consistency with the custom signage at the front of the premises. The copper piping complements the earthy tones of the plates and bowls and reflects on the tabletops. The shapes evoked could be reminiscent of Oriental characters, further tying together Asian cuisine with modern themes. By considering the context, intention and desired outcomes of this project, .reSPOKE built on the values of the Low Key Chow House to help create beautiful dining areas that work for staff and customers while engaging with the wider Oxford Street hub.