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Melski Artist

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Melski Artist

The City of Belmont is undergoing a big change with the redevelopment of the Belmont Forum shopping centre, a retail and entertainment hub. The City wanted to create a link between the council chambers and this commercial landmark. Local artist Melski was commissioned to help with creating this link. She has a unique approach to public art which involves inviting the community to contribute to the piece, which creates a deeper link with and sense of ownership of the piece, rooting it firmly to the landscape as well as brightening it.

Melski’s style of bold colours and black outlines was transformed by .reSPOKE into ‘Geodes’. Geometric three-dimensional patterns crawl across the walls of a walkway that connect to the council chambers. These pieces cast shadows that change with the passage of the sun and bring a playful, bright element to an urban landscape. Even though these sculptures needed to look delicate and effortless, they are fixed to horizontal surfaces and will be exposed to the elements. Quality steel components and attention to detail during fabrication and installation ensure that they will continue to enliven the walkway no matter the conditions, far into Belmont’s future.

The bike racks really tie into .reSPOKE’s origins of using bicycle parts as an inspiration and material, so it was great to bring this together with the artist’s style. The designs were brought to life from steel tubing and welded with precision, powder coated in the bright colours that Melski is known for.