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While interior elements are a great way to build atmosphere within a space, sometimes it is the street front or facade that needs solid design. Neho identified the need to combine practical aspects for their alfresco dining area with a statement that interacted with the foot traffic of Albany Highway. Features like this not only root the aesthetic and intentions of the premises into the landscape, but also provide something to pique the interest of passersby.

Steel panels were laser cut with characters, a homage to the cuisine specialties of Neho. The durability of these panels is made flexible with with sturdy castor wheels, allowing them to be moved by the staff in any combination. They can be used to establish barriers for their outdoor dining areas or left against walls as artistic panels.

Through a willingness to explore options and to give products more than one use, a single unit such as this can act as a public art piece, marketing tool, unique design feature, and a delineator of space.