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Summerset Arts Festival

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Summerset Arts Festival

The Summerset Arts Festival is the City of Stirling’s premier cultural event, offering the people of Perth comedy, performances, music and art. A central feature of the festival is the Sunset Veranda, a pop-up venue that carters to over 9000 people over a 19 day period.  With delicious food, cold drinks and entertainment, the Veranda overlooks the Indian Ocean and witnesses beautiful sunsets. And so a suitably fun, light and summery entrance statement was needed to welcome punters in.

A classic feature associated with community festivals is bunting and we drew inspiration from these distinctive lines of triangular flags. Cloth flags along a coastline are prone to flap and twist, or even go missing, and so solid ply was chosen to meet the elements and keep the signage clear and visible. These pieces suit the pallet timber of the Veranda and form a link with other decorations at the venue, including more traditional-style bunting. Thin cables allow the signage to float effortlessly across the entrance while keeping them securely in place.

These cables span between columns sculpted in a renowned .reSPOKE style, using upcycled bike frames as both inspiration and a material. These shapes evoke a setting sun and were coloured to suit the palette of the festival, further tying the design into their context. Sturdy fabrication and a quality install ensured that these pieces withstood coastal winds while inviting festival goers and passers-by alike to enjoy the sunset.