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The Belasyse

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The Belasyse

The lighting installations at the Belasyse was one of the first .reSPOKE commercial projects and really encapsulates the origins of our design ethos. Our name is representative of these origins. The spokes are a critical component of bicycles, the recycling of which was one of our most-used avenues for design and source of materials. A play on the word bespoke also implies the ‘built to order’ nature of our projects, each of which is custom made to consider the context it will become a part of. The full stop at the front of our name is symbolic of the new things that come after the completion of a sentence, either through building on the old or starting afresh.

Our work at the Belasyse represents these features. Unused bicycles were given a new life, converted into handmade light fittings. These pieces, made to order, hung like semi-industrial chandeliers above the restaurant, adding to its unique identity while providing warm light to suit the interior. The colours and shapes of the design complimented what existed, such as the lines of the mural on the kitchen wall and the colours used throughout. Through attention to these details and a high standard of production, the form of the upcycled bikes could be celebrated instead of hidden, as can often be the case with recycled or adapted materials. Early projects like this created a crucible for us to test our ideals and approach, out of which has come the design, fabrication and installation processes which have marked our work ever since.