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Whether you need ideas converted into a workable technical design, or if you have problems that need a fresh design solution, we’ve got you covered.



Turn those designs into something tangible. We’ve got the tools, skills and commitment to bring your ideas into reality.



With a range of licenses and years of experience, .reSPOKE can make your project even more streamlined with full installation services.



If you’re looking for a temporary design solution, .reSPOKE will have you covered with a range of durable furniture and planter boxes for hire. Coming soon



One half of the founding duo, Kirsten is the lead designer at .reSPOKE. With experience in and an eye for commercial, public, residential and retail design, Kirsten always seeks to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to our clients.

Production Chief

The other founding half of .reSPOKE, Chevi ensures that projects are completed and delivered to the highest standard. With over a decade of experience in construction and fabrication, and a hands-on country upbringing, Chevi brings Kirsten’s designs to life while adding his own touches.

Hanny Properties

.reSPOKE were terrific to work with. Kirsten and Chevy are both creative and realistic and our experience with them was both fun and highly productive. The end result was something we are proud of and have been praised for. The community use and admire the bike racks they have produced. We can thoroughly recommend .reSPOKE

Joseph Geha

Westin Hotel & Resorts

.reSPOKE were my go-to team for the finishes touches on Westin Hotel, turning my vague ideas into well thought out and crafted pieces. It is rare to find a team who have the passion for the design details as well as the ability to execute them on time and on budget.

Joseph D’Alessandro

Westin Hotel & Resorts, Design Manager

Custom Shop Fit Out Pieces

I have worked with Chevi and Kirsten on numerous projects for my business since 2015 and have never been disappointed, Not only is the work always amazing, their work ethic, processes and timeliness have always exceeded my expectations. .reSPOKE are the guys you need to bring your ideas and dreams to fruition, nothing is too hard and everything is possible. I don’t hesitate to engage .reSPOKE and neither should you

Ryan Cundell

Ryphone, Business Owner

Handbrake Art McDonalds Collaboration

The team at .reSPOKE are where you go when you have no idea how to make something. They have so much experience in designing, planning, and constructing almost anything, it’s actually mind blowing. They turned my initial concept for a sculpture into a 3D render, improved on my ideas, and made it a reality. Without them it never would have happened. They’re so easy and amazing to work with and I can’t recommend them enough.


Handbrake Art, Artist

Market Street Piazza

Place Makers looking for makers, look no more. .reSPOKE is a boutique firm of clever makers straight out of Fremantle that recently helped in creating the new Market Street Piazza. If you are looking at making a place, the .reSPOKE team is here to help you deliver from concept stage, production and installation. .reSPOKE designed, built and installed our new set of public seating, planter boxes and presumably the longest stretch of decorative lighting along the street, all part of the creating of our Market Street Piazza in Fremantle.

Luis Puig

City of Fremantle, Economic Development Officer

Oh Hey WA

"With Kirsten's eye for design and detail, and Chevi's fabrication and installation skills, you can't go wrong with this amazing duo! .reSPOKE were great to deal with from start to finish, they applied creative problem solving to customise the project to suit my requirements and I couldn't be happier with the results - thanks reSPOKE!" "


OH Hey WA - Walking Tours

City of Fremantle

".reSPOKE very quickly came up with a great design, representing elements of Fremantle’s character in an original and visually appealing manor, yet one that would still stand up to the tough safety measures required."


Manager Economic Development and Marketing - City of Fremantle

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